Web App

One part high-performance calculator, one part data cruncher, the Convolv data console strives to help you solve your daily numeric challenges. Import data from a trusted web source or load it from a local drive, then employ Convolv's powerful algorithms to get the answers you need.

We combined the world's best charting library with plenty of computational horsepower and an enhanced console interface. Read and write csv data from and to a local drive as well as import JSON formatted data from a URL with added support for tokens. And our documentation is accessible directly from the console or as a separate webpage. Just like our console, the docs are fully responsive.

Line, curve, polar, sample, log, pie, area, bar and column charts are available as well as customization commands for title, subtitle, legend, x and y axes. Exporting your charts as a png is also available. Our console combines the full suite of functions from the powerful Mathjs library with additional algorithms for signal processing including FFTs, convolution and correlation.



The makers of the world's most popular JavaScript charting engine, Highcharts JS, has released an open-sourced, lightweight chart editor that allows non-programmers to create and publish a full suite of different charts. If you do not need the computational capabilities of the Convolv app, the editor provides an easy to use interface to import data, adjust chart options and export the final chart as embeddable HTML, JavaScript, and JSON. If you prefer a WYSIWYG interface for rapid chart generation, then the Highcharts Editor is the perfect solution.

The Highcharts JS charting engine is free for non-commercial use, but for other uses, please see the Highcharts license options.



If the single console of our web app is insufficient for your computational needs, then give our quad-console desktop app a try. Four independent consoles with a central configurable dashboard in one easy to use desktop application. The application allows a user to import data, perform numerical analyses and chart the results, both to the console's chart window as well as to a common dashboard shared by all four consoles. All the features of our web app, but optimized for offline use on your Windows, Mac or Linux computer.

Desktop App


Convolv is an open-source project conceived and developed at scribeGriff Studios. It functions primarily as a data analysis application package which combines built-in support for the powerful Math.js library as well as additional features including:

  • Basic waveform generator:
    • - Squarewave
    • - Triangularwave
    • - Sawtooth
    • - Sinewave
    • - Step
    • - Impulse
    • - Gaussian
  • Polynomial string construction for latex output
  • Common signal processing algorithms including:
    • - fft(): fast and discrete Fourier transform
    • - ifft(): fast and discrete inverse Fourier transform
    • - fsps(): partial sums of Fourier series
    • - conv(): convolution
    • - deconv(): deconvolution (polynomial division)
    • - corr(): cross and auto correlation
    • - filter(): a 1D transposed direct form II digital filter structure
  • High performance charting using the Highcharts JS charting engine with support for:
    • - line
    • - curve
    • - log
    • - sample
    • - area
    • - bar
    • - column
    • - polar
    • - pie
  • Flexible data import and export:
    • - Read and write CSV formatted data to a local drive
    • - Import JSON data from a URL with support for tokens
    • - Display imported JSON data in a datatable within the application