Combining Data Import and High Performance Charting in a Fully Responsive Console.

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Introducing the Convolv Data Console

One part high-performance calculator, one part data cruncher, our console strives to help you solve your daily numeric challenges. Import some data from a trusted web source or load it from a local drive, then employ Convolv's powerful algorithms to get the answers you need.

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We combined the world's best charting library with plenty of computational horsepower and an enhanced console interface.

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Read and write csv data from and to a local drive as well as import JSON formatted data from a URL with added support for tokens.

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Well Documented

Our documentation is accessible from the console or as a separate webpage. And like our console, the docs are fully responsive.

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Built to Run in the Browser

Although most at home on a laptop or desktop with a traditional keyboard input device, we tried to make sure that wherever you can access a modern browser, you can access our console.

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"If you like our single console web app, we hope you'll try the quad console desktop app, built with Electron and hosted on Github."
- sjefen@convolv

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Convolv is Made Possible by These Amazing Open Source Projects

Our web app wouldn't exist without the support of a large number of open source projects. Many thanks to the developers behind the following incredible projects.

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  • Wide Range of Chart Support

    Line, curve, polar, sample, log, pie, area, bar and column charts are available as well as customization commands for title, subtitle, legend, x and y axes. Exported your charts as a png is also available.

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  • Access to Advanced Computational Algorithms

    Our console combines the full suite of functions from the powerful Mathjs library with additional algorithms for signal processing including FFTs, convolution and correlation.

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  • Quad Console Desktop App

    For our power users, we have developed a cross platform desktop app which includes four separate consoles and a central dashboard. Built on Electron, the framework of Github's Atom Editor

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